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Protect Your Home from the Elements

Do you know what’s underneath your basement floor?

Perhaps you’ve invested in a finished basement: comfortable furniture, carpeting, a home theater, the whole nine. But if you don’t have a comprehensive plan for drainage, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise once the snow melts — especially if the power goes out!

At Premier Waterproofing, we’ve seen it all. Builders often ignore, or simply don’t know about, the best tactics for eliminating the hydrostatic pressure that builds underneath and around basements. Water is persistent, powerful, and extremely destructive. Unless you take steps to keep it away from your home, it will find a way in.

Our systems drain and evacuate water away from your home with a variety of time-tested tools and tactics. They’re equipped with failsafe backup plans, and backed by a rock-solid warranty plus our 25+ years of experience in this business. We’re happy to put you in contact with recent clients who are thrilled with the work we have done for them.

Give Sam a call today for a free consultation. We’ll take a close look at your basement, tell you what’s going on underneath, test for moisture and mold, and deliver a plan of action that will beat even the toughest storm. Our quotes are no-obligation, no-hassle and represent the most affordable, comprehensive way to waterproof your basement!

Stay dry and safe today.

Never Finish a Basement Before Professionally Waterproofing!

Never finish your basement without calling Premier Waterproofing first. This homeowner just finished their basement two weeks ago. Then they experienced 18 inches of seepage during the last winter storm. Mold and mycotoxins are now growing throughout the basement. This disappointment could have been avoided, had they called Premier Waterproofing before they finished their basement. Estimated damage: $40,000.

Going on Offense

They say the best defense is a good offense — but doesn’t the opposite apply too?

Extreme weather is occurring with greater and greater regularity it seems. You can wait and hope, plug holes, apply band-aids to cracks or weak spots in your home … Or you can stop fooling around and adopt the one solution you will ever need.

Instead of reacting to each storm, go on offense and take the necessary steps so that you never have to worry about a wet basement again.

Premier Waterproofing’s drainage, insulation, mold elimination and basement finishing systems present a winning combination of value and reliability. We like to think of our game plan as a solid combination of tough defense and aggressive offense.

Enjoy the game!

basement mold

Danger: Wet basements are breeding grounds for MOLD!

Mold in your basement? Mold has certainly made its way into people’s homes as well as the headlines recently. Many people still don’t fully understand the health hazards of fungal exposure.

The term toxic mold is somewhat misleading as it exudes an idea that certain molds are toxic, when actually certain types of molds produce secondary metabolites that produce toxins. The correct term is mycotoxins.

Airborne mycotixins can definitely destroy one’s health. Sometimes, people are unaware that they are breathing mold spores and mycotoxins until they are very sick.

Certain people have a minor allergic reactions to some molds, but once you leave the affected area they most likely recover with few serious side effects. However, if they have been exposed to the dangerous molds such as Stachybotrys or Chaetomium, they could suffer from a myriad of possibly lasting health consequences.

Molds are grouped three groups according to the response to humans Allergenic, Pathogenic and Toxigenic.

Allergenic Molds

Allergenic molds do not typically cause life-threatening health effects but will negatively affect those who are already asthmatic or allergic. Those allergic or asthmatic can suffer mild conditions such as dry itchy throat, coughing and basic allergy type affects.

Pathogenic Molds

Pathogenic molds typically can cause an infection in the body. Those with a weakened or suppressed immune system can incur serious health risks from these types of mold. Those with healthy immune systems will usually fight off the infection from this mold.

Toxigenic Molds

Mycotoxins have the capability to cause very negative affects to one’s health regardless their immune system strength. These molds can have affects of minor irritation ranging as dangerous as cancer. In any case when toxigenic molds are found we take the procedure very seriously.

These forms of most can cause symptoms and illnesses such as chronic bronchitis, learning disabilities, mental deficiencies, heart problems, cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple chemical sensitivity, bleeding lungs and much more.

Premier Waterproofing takes mold very seriously

Most homeowners finish their basements before installing a french drain system – which leads to seepage, high humidity and mold growth

Premier Waterproofing is extremely aggressive when it comes to mold cleanup, and our basement waterproofing systems eliminate all sources of dampness and safeguard your home against future infiltration of mold.

The video above outlines some of our approach. If you live in Southeastern PA or NJ and believe there may be mold in your basement, please don’t hesitate to contact us to inspect the issue and provide a no-fee, no-obligation estimate.

After a big snow, a big melt

I’ve heard from clients who say they used to dread a heavy storm … that they would be at work nervously wondering whether their basement was under water, or what other damage might be happening at home.

As the weather warms up (any day now, please?), we’ll begin to see a lot of moisture in the ground, and for many people that means the unwelcome sound of “drip, drip, drip.”

A lot of our work focuses on replacing faulty drainage systems and installing a solution that is truly up to the task of keeping a basement dry. In this video, learn why many systems fail — and ours succeeds.

Peace of mind is priceless, and so is the comfort of a dry and finished basement. Get in touch today if we can help you!


How to Fix a Wet Basement

You may assume that because you’ve had water in your basement in the past, a finished basement is impossible. We’re here to prove you wrong.

Especially with the severe storms of recent years — Irene, Sandy, etc. — and the unfortunate prospect of more wacky weather in the future, we’re seeing more and more basement flooding in our region.

The impact of basement flooding can be disastrous: loss of personal property, costly damage to the systems that power and heat your home, and sometimes unseen consequences like mold that can affect your family’s health and wellbeing.

Waterproofing your basement with our patented and battle-tested solutions is a way to safeguard your belongings and your family while reclaiming valuable living space in your home.

In this video, Mike from Premier Waterproofing’s showcases some of the techniques we employ to deliver trusted waterproofing solutions, with a walk-through of a project in progress. Please share your feedback and questions in the “Comments” below, and don’t hesitate to call us if we can check out your basement and work up a free estimate!